Local SEO Guide 2017 - Local SEO Guide for Beginner 2017 - A Complete Study

Search engine optimization (SEO) for local businesses and Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) has become more difficult and competitive in recent times. You need to take note of the fact that that the best practices are continuously changing. 

Thus you need to be fully up to date with new features that search engines add to how they display search results for local search queries.

For local businesses and SMBs, there are generally 3 main types of local SEO strategy categories you need to concentrate on. These are as follows:

  • ·         Optimizing local listings and citations.
  • ·         You need to optimize your website and its content.
  • ·         Also you must optimize and work on the acquiring links for your website.

Among these 3 main categories for local SEO, there are specific strategies that will help optimize your local presence. It is what will ultimately bring in more traffic and visibility.  Let us look at some of these specific strategies in more detail:

Optimizing local listings and citations:

Let us begin with your Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) data. You first aim should be getting listed and ranked on Google Maps. You therefore need to have a legitimate business. This means that you would need a business license. That NAP needs to be consistent and listed the same everywhere. Before you get started with local listings and citations, you’ll also need the following:

  • ·         NAP of the business
  • ·         You need to have a Website URL which is a list of internal location pages if your business is to operate in more than one location
  • ·         You should have a short description (up to 50 characters). This must have included your main city name and type of business.

  • ·         Along with you should also have a longer description (up to 250 characters) that describes who you are and what you do.  In this you need to include the city name and areas served if applicable.
  • ·         Also add some recent photos of your business.
  • ·         Identify your category of your business.
  • ·         There is also need of identifying the relevant keywords that you would like to rank for.

Local Citations

These are mentions of a local business. These should include your NAP data and also include links to your website. For local Citations you could get your business listed on Google My business, Facebook, Yahoo, BingPlaces for Business, etc.

Getting listed with main data aggregates

Following local citations, the next strategy involves getting your business listed on main data aggregators. Some of the major ones are as follows:

You must get your business listed on these sites. These data aggregators would collect the information listed on them and make them available for numerous websites to use them.

Apart from these you could also make use of third party citations and listings as well.

Reviews forms the key for your SEO

You must understand that getting reviews for your local business, especially on Google will help your local search rankings in a big way. With more genuine positive reviews you could also expect higher conversions. Often the prospective customers go through reviews before buying a product or availing services. This becomes all the more important in case of a local service. 

So as a local business you need to encourage your satisfied customers to leave a review for your business. In fact you can even consider incentivizing the same. You could also encourage your customers to leave their feedback on relevant 3rd Party websites like TripAdvisor, Yellow pages, Yelp etc. This will help you to boost your local rankings. Reviews on social media like Facebook can also help for the same.

Optimizing your local Website’s Content

Along with other strategies for local SEO one also needs to optimize the local website strategies. These could be done in some of the following ways:

  • ·         Optimize for “Near Me” search queries
  • ·         Optimize for local
  • ·         Be a local content machine
  • ·         Buy a local website or blog

Optimizing and working on local links

As per Google’s latest algorithms more emphasis is being laid on relevant and quality links. One of the experts in the field is of the opinion that you could find easy link building opportunities by looking at your existing relationships. 

One may also look at local offline groups, local volunteers and similar resources for better local link building opportunities. One may also consider sites like majestic.com to analyze the link profiles of similar business in other cities.

Additional Local SEO tips

Apart from the tips mentioned above you need to ensure the following:

ü  Local Listing: Obviously the “proximity of the business” to the point of search is a key criterion. This is something which you little about, but you could all the information up to date of the local listing.

ü  Audit your local citations: in terms of the NAP consistency on a regular basis to avoid any confusion

ü  Add a budget for local ads: you could use Google adwords for specific locations and target customers.

ü  Ensure all your Photos are tagged correctly: This is an important facyor for your local SEO

ü  Add a blog: You need to write blog posts on a regular basis about local issues in order to drive in more traffic.

In conclusion we hope that the tips provided above will help you with your local SEO. We at HTSM are one of the leading SEO companies in Kolkata who offer the best local SEO services as well. To know more about our SEO service please visit our website.

To 10 On-page SEO mistakes you might be making right now

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just inbound marketing. There is a technical side of the SEO often gets neglected, especially if you are a casual follower of the industry. We at HTSM, being one of the leading SEO service provider have identify some common On-Page SEO mistakes you must avoid.

On Page SEO mistakes you must

  1. Using poor URL structure
It is important for you to have the right URL structure. URL architecture can be a difficult thing to fix without affecting the other aspects of SEO parameters. So it is recommended that you do not rush into the same. Hurrying to fix this issue may do more harm rather than good.

Some common issues could be

Your Blog spots may be listed in multiple categories. This might result in blog posts getting listed in multiple folders. This would lead to creation of duplicate content and adversely affect your SEO rankings
You may also have situations in which you have URLs with no folders other than the parent domain. While this is precisely the form your most important pages should take, pages further down the hierarchy should be listed in folders to categorize them.

2. Not using Canonicalization

The canonical tag tells the search engines that instead of the current page the linked Url
should be treated as “Canon” by the search engines. The purpose mainly is to prevent duplicate content from getting indexed. If this is not done then it could result in your search engine result getting diluted.

3. Poor use of outbound links

If you are to look from a stand point of pure Page Rank standpoint, external links dilute the authority that gets passed back to your own site. By this we of course do not mean you should not be linking to anybody else. However at the same time you must realize that outbound links in your own site navigation compound the losses by affecting every page.
You must also note that search engines have come a long way since the original Page Rank algorithm. But if the quality of outbound links that are not relevant it might easily look like Spam. Before using them therefore scam they for quality.
4. Not using enough outbound links
Quality out bound links which enhance user experience is important for SEO. However if you are not using enough outbound links you may be missing out to boost your search engine rankings.
5. Poor internal link structure
You must ensure that you have the internal link structure for your website. You need to build your website with a very logical link structure. The thumb rule for internal linking is that every page should be reachable from at least one static link text.
6. Using Image Alt attributes incorrectly
Where ever possible you must avoid using images instead of texts. The reason is that it is difficult for search engines to interpret images instead of texts. So images are important , but at the same time you should know how to use them more effectively.
7. Missing or creating duplicate meta descriptions
It is quite amazing to note that there are many websites which do not have meta descriptions. Having appropriate meta descriptions are critical for SEO success. So you must use the same effectively. On the other hand you must also avoid creating duplicate meta descriptions for your web pages. This has an adverse SEO impact.
8. No XML Site map or using one which is out of date
It is true that Google Crawls and indexes websites are much faster as on date than what they used to be in the past. This probably the reason that many websites do not make use of XML site maps these days. But these are still valuable since they help in indexation process even on date. So make use of XML Site maps.
9. Bad use of sub headings
You need to realize that H1 is to serve as the Page title. So you should not use it as a Subheading. If you do the same the Search engines often gets confused. You should not use sub headings inconsistently. For e. g you should not skip H2 subheading and go on to H3 Tags.
10. Bad use of Bold Formatting
Though certain correlative studies definitely point to use of keywords in bold formatting having a positive relationship with rankings, it is very easy to interpret these results in the wrong way. So you need to use these wisely to ensure better SEO performance.
In conclusion we hope that we have been able to provide you with a fair idea about the common mistakes one makes on on-Page SEO. So you must be sure not to make them. For more tips about SEO tips keep following Search Engine Land.

Latest SEO Success Factors 2017 - You must follow few point for SEO in 2017

The internet is booming and with it almost every business wants to get on it. Ensuring maximum Search engine friendliness is almost mandatory for your website to survive the cut throat competition. So let us examine the SEO success factors for 2017. 

Groups of SEO Success factors 2017

In terms of SEO the success factors can broadly be classifies under 3 groups

On the Page SEO factors

In order to get you the high rankings on the Search Engine Page (SERP). On the-Page search engine optimization (SEO) factors are those that are those factors which as a publisher are almost within your control. This may again be subdivided into 

  • The content you publish

The Search engines are primarily concerned about the user friendliness and over all user experience. The content you have on your website is critical. This has to be relevant with what the user is looking for. 

You must also ensure that you always have fresh content on your website on a regular basis. These must be f high quality as well. An excellent way to add fresh and relevant information on it is through blogs.

You must also ensure the right keyword density. As a publisher one needs to avoid any keyword stuffing which has a negative impact in terms of SEO factors.

  • HTML Clues

In order to have high rankings on the SERP as a publisher you must provide the search engine and users with HTML clues to ensure relevancy of the content on your website.

  • Website architecture

Search engines always attach high weight to those factors which ensure superior user experience. One such factor is easy navigability through your website. The users must be able to navigate easily to the information they are looking for easily. This can be done with the help of a user friendly website architecture.

Off- Page Factors

These are factors which are not under the direct control of the publisher. These are in terms of many other factors like 

  1. Link analysis 
It has been seen that links are one of the most important external signals that determine the rankings of a website. So you need to ensure that you undertake an effective process for genuine link building. 

It is not sufficient just to have a huge number of links, but their quality and genuineness is of more importance.

  1. Social factors 
Social media has recently emerged as a major force on the internet. It is where a huge number of users are engaged in. Social media indicators have become an important factor which determines SERP. So you need to employ efforts to boost your social media presence as well.
  1. Ability to build trust
In order to boost youwebsites search engine rankings  your website must be able to build trust. Building trust is something which will not only help you fetch higher conversion rates but also ensures better Search engine results as well.


Often to obtain quick over night results you might get tempted to indulge in certain "black hat” or "Spamming" strategies. These have a severe adverse effect on your search engine rankings in the long run. 

These could result in your web pages getting ranking penalties or even ban from search engines if they are repeatedly being reported. Violations refer to those strategies which are meant to manipulate a Search engine's understanding of a website's true relevancy and authority. So these are to be avoided by all means. 

To conclude we can say that your website ranking on the SERP depend not just any single factor but on a combination of Search engine factors. So you must try to achieve the maximum result in all of them to have success in the field. 

We at HTSM offer great SEO services along with other web based services as well. To know more please visit our website.

Scope of Mobile Recharge Business in India

Are you planning to start your own mobile recharge business with a small capital? If it is so then starting your Mobile recharge business could help you make profits quickly with low investment. This is a business which is quick to implement. Neither would it cost much.You need not be a great technical expert either.

 The recharge API with multi recharge system will help you to start the business easily. In this blog we will help you to understand how easily you could start a profitable mobilerecharge business that too without any hassles.

Grow Recharge Business With Grow Of Technology

Mobile Phones have become a part of our everyday life. We can now hardly do without them. So With it comes the need to recharge them regularly. The increasing popularity of the internet has meant the rise in popularity on online transactions as well. We do everything online these days. 

Be it banking or shopping it is all online today. So too in case of mobile recharging.  Gone are the days when we would visit the service provider to get our mobile phones recharged. With the convenience of online recharging we save time. It offers great flexibility. It is a 24x7 facility which all love to avail. You could recharge from any location if you have an access to the internet. 

As a Mobile recharge provider you have the option of tie-ups with service providers. You would have the ability to offer many Promotional offers and cash back options .This  makes recharging through you very lucrative. With the exploding growth in the mobile industry the recharging needs are rising steadily as well. 

So as a business owner it makes sense to build your business in a sector which is growing rapidly. The best part is that with the reliable API solutions available you can do it easily without any great technical knowledge. But you must have the right API provider who will be able to support you. 

Mobile Recharge API

API stands for "Application Programming Interface" which is a protocol. It is a set of rules which acts as an interface by two or more software applications to communicate with each other. You need not be a technical expert to understand the details. 

This is possible with the help of a reliable API provider. With the solution provided you would have a multi recharge system which would help to cover most mobile operators throughout India. For having the best benefits from the Mobile Recharge business you must have the right amalgamation of the software programs. 

The business needs may vary from one business to another. With it would the requirement for technological solutions as well. This is particularly relevant for the Mobile Recharging sector. You need technical experts who can evaluate your needs and provide customized solutions accordingly.
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Local SEO Guide 2017 - Local SEO Guide for Beginner 2017 - A Complete Study

Search engine optimization (SEO) for local businesses and Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) has become more difficult and competitive ...